May 26, 2024
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Mammoth Memory

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Mammoth Memory is a free educational resource and a gift to any teenager in the world who uses visualisation to recall facts needed to pass their exams. Through striking imagery and memorable mnemonics, we’ve become an essential tool for teachers worldwide leading to thousands of students seeing their grades improve.

Mammoth Memory is a revolutionary revision site which helps students recall facts to pass exams. Using striking imagery and memorable mnemonics, we’ve become an essential tool for teachers worldwide, enabling thousands of students to see their grades improve.

This site offers a wealth of information and revision tools, including memory retention techniques, exercises, explanations and flashcards that can help users develop their ability to remember and recall information in core subjects such as Maths, English, Sciences, History, Geography and more. Whether you’re studying for exams, learning a new language, or simply want to improve your memory for everyday tasks, Mammoth Memory provides a variety of resources to help you achieve your goals.

By using creative and imaginative associations to remember information, individuals can improve their ability to retrieve information from long-term memory. Finally, the mnemonic learning method used by Mammoth Memory can even help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with learning by making the process more enjoyable and engaging. By using a spectrum of visual and auditory cues, mnemonics can turn the process of learning into a fun and interactive experience for learners of all ages.

You will find all world champion memory experts started with a normal memory, but something inside made them want to be able to remember a deck of cards in under 30 seconds, or to learn a thousand words of a new language in a week.

How do they do it? They associate every word they want to remember with a picture in their mind’s eye. This technique has a fancy name, image assisted mnemonics. Be it a number, a formula, or a name, memory experts associate each one with a mental image. Never before has any educational resource focussed on this technique for use in passing exams until now with Mammoth Memory.

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