Feb 25, 2024
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IGCSE Centre

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The world-renowned IGCSE Centre is a leading and advanced online education platform for all things related to Cambridge IGCSEEdexcel iGCSECambridge O LevelCambridge International AS & A Level.

After a decade of existence, IGCSE Centre is the world first (and oldest) online education platform, which has gained 5 million+ users worldwide in 200+ countries and territories.

We are committed in helping students, parents, educators, schools/learning centres, governments; in IGCSE, O Level, AS/A Level related education matters. We had produced 1000+ A* scorers worldwide.

Our world-renowned A* online courses are crafted based on the latest syllabus, for that particular exam year. Don’t take our words for it. Read our worldwide raving A* testimonials, from both students and parents, as proofs. Schooled candidates use it alongside their studies at school, and private candidates use it as their home education programme.

Stick with us, and we will guide you on:

  • general IGCSE, O Level, AS/A Level programme matters
  • homeschooling process
  • finding exam centre to exam registration essentials
  • post-exam clarifications
  • exam tips and techniques
  • free lessons and Q&A sessions
  • get the latest exam syllabi
  • world most complete library of past exam papers (no kidding!)
  • how to build confidence and score A* !

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