May 6, 2024
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Kumar’s Maths Revision

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Included in this website are GCSE, A level Maths and Further Maths and other questions for all levels of learning: whether you just started the topic or just need to perfect exam technique. Packs of questions will be uploaded, sorted by topics, with their worked step by step solutions to allow you to understand the methodology behind the Maths.

My A level packs are board specific and include separated module questions. These questions are very good for your board regardless if you are Edexcel or OCR. Many exams have included the same question from another boards past paper. I would therefore strongly recommend doing as many questions from different boards as possible.

Please feel free to download, work on, and leave feedback about my packs. Every little comment and suggestion helps create a better user experience for you and help you excel in your examinations. Best wishes with your exams and I hope you find this useful.

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